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The Alliance and the PLWHA Network are implementing the Global Fund Global Fund grant

The experience of two Ukrainian organizations regarding the sustainability of services for HIV-positive patients was recognized as one of the best in the world. “Today, the Global Fund sent an official letter informing that in result of the international competition two Ukrainian organizations –  The Alliance for Public Health and 100% Life (All-Ukrainian Network of People Living with HIV) – were supported in the implementation of multi-country projects in the field of HIV: sustainability of services for key groups in Eastern Europe and Central Asia. The Ukrainian application was recognized as the winning one, – said Andrei Klepikov, APH Executive Director

International experts noted detailed epidemiological analysis, evidence-based spending aimed to improve access to services, as well as engagement of the large number of partners into a broad dialogue resulting in grant application as the key advantages of Ukrainians.

As a result  – within a 3-year period – a $10 million project aimed at to provide sustainable services for HIV-positive people and ultimately reduce the spread of epidemics in Eastern Europe and Central Asia will be implemented.

“Nine countries with the highest level of HIV infection rate in the region will be able to use technologies and solutions that were already proven effective. We, as the largest patient organization, are ready to provide access to treatment, services and resources to all key populations and patients in collaboration with our partners,” – comments Dmytro Sherembey, head of the Coordination Council,  100%Life Charitable Organization

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