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The network and the Ministry of Defense signed a memorandum of cooperation

On 14 March 2018, an important event took place – the Minister of Defence of Ukraine and the Head of Coordination Council of the Сharitable Organization “NETWORK” signed the Memorandum on Cooperation.

“For us, this is a strategic area of cooperation and we are sure of a fruitful cooperation”, Dmytro Sherembey, Head of the Network, says. “The Ministry and we have common understanding that we should implement an effective strategy for preventing and counteracting socially dangerous epidemics among the personnel of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and the civil population of Ukraine”

The Memorandum provides new prospective areas of cooperation, including:

  • counteracting the spread of HIV, tuberculosis, hepatitis and sexually transmitted infections among the military personnel
  • donation of 100 full 3-month regimen of treatment of hepatitis C for combatants
  • providing the military personnel with condoms
  • enhancing laboratory capacity of health institutions
  • introducing new methods, approaches and the best practices of patient-oriented social care developed for a long period into the health care system of the Armed Forces
  • integration of institutional accounting and monitoring systems for infectious diseases, including socially dangerous ones, into national information systems
  • interaction with the Office of Civil-Military Cooperation of the Armed Forces in the part of accompanied delivery of antiretroviral medicinal products to ensure continuous access to antiretroviral therapy of HIV-positive people in the military conflict zone
  • conducting specialized trainings and focused training exercises for the medium-level medical personnel, doctors of different specialities on issues relating to diagnostic, treatment, reduction of stigma, prevention of the spread of socially dangerous infections
  • technical assistance in preparation of revisions to the institutional legal framework concerning socially dangerous infections

The Memorandum on Cooperation provides cooperation with the office of preventive medicine of the Central Military Medical Office, the Office of Civil-Military Cooperation of the Armed Forces and other departments of the Ministry of Defence of Ukraine for prevention of socially significant infections among the military personnel as well as the civil population, and also maintaining and improving their health.

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