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In the Sumy region, a modern call center was opened in the health care facilities of the Shostka community

Access to medical services for residents of the Shostka community in the Sumy region has been improved – the old-style reception has been turned into a modern reception and call center.


A call center with trained staff and a service and communication department was opened in the Shostka Central District Hospital. More than 75,000 community residents now have an effective and convenient way to interact with their healthcare facility.


70-95% of patients use remote appointments, according to statistics. The implementation of a call center in the hospital is a new level of patient care that significantly accelerates access to all hospital services and, therefore, patient recovery. The call center operates on the principle that “Calling us is the first step to a healthy patient”.

“We are committed to making our hospital as accessible as possible to the residents of our territorial community, and the opening of the call center will help us in that effort. The call center will relieve doctors, help collect statistics, inform about free services. It normalizes interaction with patients and will make our interaction more effective, says Oleg Shtohryn, Chief Physician of the Shostka Central District Hospital.


The training of call center staff is given special attention. One of its main tasks is to promote general awareness among patients about the availability of healthcare services under the Medical Guarantee Program, which is being expanded on a regular basis.

“We are launching another call center together with the communities for patients in the south of Ukraine. An additional 75,000 patients gained sustainable access to health services.  This project, supported by the German government, is a step towards a patient-centered service delivery model. I am glad that even under conditions of war we have the opportunity to improve the services and institutional capacity of hospitals,” emphasizes Dmytro Sherembey, head of the largest patient organization CO “100% Life”, partner of the GIZ project “Special Support Program for Ukraine /EU4ResilientRegions”.



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Contact details of the call center and all updated information for residents of the Shostka community are already publicly available: 068-924-45-54, 050-924-45-54, 073-924-45-54.

By contacting the call center, a person can resolve many issues:

  • Find out the work schedule of all physicians in the facility;
  • Get information about scheduling an online appointment with a specialized doctor;
  • and in the future
  • Information on where and when a person can take tests and pass all required exams as soon as possible;
  • Information for the patient on how to prepare for ultrasound, fibroscopy, and gastroscopy;
  • Information on free services and medicines under the Medical Guarantee Program;
  • List of documents required to obtain medical certificates;
  • Addresses and phone numbers of the polyclinic and departments;
  • Information about interchangeable doctors;
  • No call, even “I just need to ask” will be ignored.



Previous call centers were opened in the Bashtanka and Domanivka communities of the Mykolaiv region, the Rozdilna communitiy of the Odesa region, the Nizhyn and Bakhmach communities of the Chernihiv region, and in the Solonyanska and Petrykivka communities of the Dnipropetrovsk region. The changes are being implemented as part of the project “Improvement of the service system and communication strategy of health care institutions in five regions of Ukraine” in partnership between CO “100% Life” and Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH on behalf of the German government within the framework of the GIZ project “Special Support Program for Ukraine /EU4ResilientRegions”.


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