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CO «100%LIFE» statement on Transition Plan implementation

Dear partners,
Congratulations to all on an unprecedented event – on May 16, 2019, the Public Health Сenter of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine announced the opening of bidding for the procurement of social services with public money.
The planned procurement amount is UAH 101 million for 6 months of 2019 and UAH 320 million for 2020 for 25 regions. These funds fully cover the needs of Ukraine in social services in the field of HIV prevention among vulnerable groups and care for HIV-positive patients.
Behind us are the long years of joint efforts of the civil sector, the donor system, the state and private foundations. Absolutely everyone fulfilled taken commitments, and now we are entering a new era of fight against the HIV/AIDS epidemic in Ukraine. Please accept our most sincere thanks and respect for your work.
Now we all have a very important phase of the transition period – the auction itself. And here it’s up to service providers. As a non-government sector, we are responsible, first and foremost, to our clients in ensuring continuity of services and full coverage where there is a need. Therefore, it is extremely important that the auction took place in each region of Ukraine and for each lot. Not one group of the population with which the prevention or care work was done with donor funds should fall out of focus.
Everyone knows the sad experience of countries in which donor support has significantly decreased or ceased. Countries that deliberately sabotaged or did not take seriously the strategy of switching from donor to state funding turned out to be exactly at the point from which they started and in a very short time. We should not allow such a scenario in Ukraine.
We urge all stakeholders to get involved in the implementation of the transition plan at this stage as well. Bid if you are a service provider. Motivate your partners and subcontractors in the field if you are a representative of the donor system in Ukraine. Provide technical assistance to bidding organizations if you have the resources and knowledge to do so.
We can do it. And we will definitely do it all together.
On behalf of CO «100 PERCENT LIFE»
Dmytro Sherembei
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