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“100% LIFE” is again recognized as Ukraine’s greatest philanthropist




For the second consecutive year, “100% Life” becomes the winner of the National Philanthropic Rating of Ukraine. The Ukrainian Philanthropists Forum presented the results of the National Charity Organizations Rating 2018.

This year the Network became the winner in three nominations:

  • “Spending on Charitable Activities in 2017”,
  • “Spending on Health Care”,
  • “Spending on Humanitarian Aid”.

“We are grateful for this recognition and trust,” says Dmytro Sherembei, the head of the “100% of Life”. “We are the foundation that puts the value of life at the center of all our work. We put this idea into a new name of our organization. Stubbornness, honesty and creativity are what give us the opportunity to achieve 100% of results because there is no life that is less valuable. Last year, more than 190,000 Ukrainians have received our help, and more than 90 thousand of them live with HIV. We have the right to be proud of these figures, the number of saved lives. And this is exactly the motivation that gives us the strength to go forward.”

In 2017, the investments of the “100% Life” (All-Ukrainian Network of People Living with HIV/AIDS) to overcome the HIV epidemic in Ukraine reached 743,397,499 UAH. Assistance was provided for 197,651 clients, among them 90 204 patients were with HIV-positive status. In 2017, “100% of Life” purchased antiretroviral therapy medicines for 54,700 patients with HIV, and 43,000 patients of a state program received the therapy provided by the Network.

The National Philanthropic Rating is a professional independent rating of charity organizations that announce their annual tax reports.


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