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In the Mykolaiv region, a modern call center was opened in the health care facilities of the Bashtanskyi district.    

Access to health services for residents of the Bashtansky community in the Mykolaiv region has been improved, in particular, the old-style receptions have been transformed into modern reception rooms and call centers.


With the financial support of the German government, a call center with trained staff and a service and communication department was established in the health care facilities of the Bashtansky community.


 “In this difficult time for Ukraine, the provision of health care services to our residents, internally displaced persons who were forced to leave their homes, as well as residents of other communities of Bashtansky district is one of the most important goals today. Despite the ongoing war, we continue to develop health care facilities, improve the quality of services, and increase patient satisfaction. I am grateful to the German government for its financial support,” said Oleksandr Berehovyi, Mayor of Bashtansky. 


70-95% of patients use remote appointments, according to statistics. From now on, more than 100,000 residents of local and neighboring communities will have an effective and convenient algorithm for interacting with their healthcare facilities. This is a new level of patient care that significantly expedites access to all hospital services and recovery. The call center operates on the principle that “Calling us is the first step to a healthy patient”.


“The introduction of call centers will relieve the doctors’ workload in this difficult time by making appointments. Patients will be able to quickly and conveniently obtain information about the schedule of doctors’ work, diagnostic procedures and rules of their preparation, which directly affects the quality of medical services. It is also important that we get feedback from patients about their satisfaction with the service and ways to improve it,” said Alla Barseghyan, director of one of the hospitals in the Bashtansky district.


Particular attention is paid to staff training. In particular, improving the communication skills of front-office employees. One of its main tasks is to promote general awareness among patients about the availability of healthcare services under the Medical Guarantee Program, which is being expanded on a regular basis.


“This project, supported by the German government, is a step toward a patient-centered service delivery model. I am glad that even in times of war, we have the opportunity to improve the services and institutional capacity of hospitals. This will create sustainable access to services and health for more than 100,000 patients,” said Dmytro Sherembey, head of the largest patient organization CO “100% Life”, which is a partner of the GIZ project “Special Support Program for Ukraine /EU4ResilientRegions”.


Along with the launch of the call center for the residents of Bashtansky community, an updated reception of the polyclinic department, a renovated surgical department, a new gynecological room with barrier-free access, a new elevator on the four-story building and a solar station, which will be able to cover up to 70% of the hospital’s own needs, will be officially opened. Medical and non-medical equipment was also purchased: laboratory and diagnostic equipment, mobile charging stations, IT equipment, mobile water treatment plant, etc.


“On behalf of the German government, GIZ provides comprehensive support for the development of health services in communities, including the renovation of health facilities, the purchase of medical and non-medical equipment, and the training of staff. The Bashtansky community is one of the communities that, as a result of the Russian aggression, needed help with reconstruction, as well as modern, digital solutions to improve services and communication,” said Yuliia Gruber, Director of the GIZ Special Support Program for Ukraine /EU4ResilientRegions project.


In addition to the Mykolaiv region, call centers will be created in 10 hospitals in the Chernihiv, Odesa, Sumy and Dnipropetrovsk regions. The changes are being implemented as part of the project “Improvement of the service system and communication strategy of health care institutions in five regions of Ukraine” in partnership between CO “100% Life” and Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH on behalf of the German government within the framework of the GIZ project “Special Support Program for Ukraine /EU4ResilientRegions”.


For reference:

Contact details of the call center and all updated information for residents of Bashtansky community are already publicly available:

  • 099-033-24-25, 050-033-24-25 are phone numbers to make an appointment with a family doctor and receive primary care;
  • 095-233-24-25, 099-233-24-25are phone numbers for appointments for examination and specialized doctors.


By contacting the call center, a person can resolve many issues:

  • Find out the work schedule of all physicians in the facility;
  • Get information about scheduling an online appointment with a specialized doctor;
  • Information on where and when a person can take tests and pass all required exams as soon as possible;
  • Information for the patient on how to prepare for ultrasound, fibroscopy, and gastroscopy;
  • Information on free services and medicines under the Medical Guarantee Program;
  • List of documents required to obtain medical certificates;
  • Addresses and phone numbers of the polyclinic and departments;
  • Information on vaccine availability;
  • Information about interchangeable doctors;
  • No call, even “I just need to ask”, will not be ignored.
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