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During the war in Ukraine, more than 90,000 HIV patients have been provided with medicines for the following six months

The team of the largest patient organization in Ukraine, the 100% Life Charity Organization, has been working for 80 days throughout the war to provide Ukrainians with uninterrupted Antiretroviral Therapy (ART).

In total, all 129,194 HIV patients in need of daily treatment will be provided with medicines.

The annual supply of medicines for Ukraine is purchased with the support of the PEPFAR program (US President’s Emergency Initiative to Assist in the Fight Against HIV / AIDS). Medicines for patients in the penitentiary system are supported by the Global Fund.

People living with HIV can live on ART, but it is important not to stop taking it even for a day.


From the very first days of the Russian aggression, 100% Life has also been buying and delivering other medicines ordered by the Medical Procurement State Enterprise, attracting new donor funds to help Ukrainian patients and implementing a crowdfunding campaign.


On May 15, World AIDS Day, the organization honors the dead and reminds us it is worth fighting for all the living and do our best not to lose people.

Over more than twenty years of fighting the HIV epidemic, Ukraine has made significant strides in protecting and supporting HIV-positive patients, including affordable medicines and services that enable people living with HIV to live a full life at 100%.

Now, even in this harsh wartime, it is possible to get tested for HIV, find out one’s status and continue to live owing to continuous antiretroviral therapy.

The 100% Life branches operate in all regions of Ukraine where possible and provide support to HIV patients and people living with HIV.

A person with a fatal disease may die in wartime either from shelling or from the disease due to lack of medication. Speaking in wartime terms, today, a bottle of medicine is like “body armor”.


Timely delivery of medicines, provision of social services, all this is today’s heroic efforts of extraordinary people. I am grateful to our partners who unprecedentedly support Ukrainian patients. I am proud of the team of the country’s largest patient community, which has been working at 200% for more than two months to make life win”, — says Dmytro Sherembey, Head of CO 100% Life. 


To support the fighting spirit of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, the patient community, Ukrainians and international donors who help our country to fight  the enemy, NGO 100% Life and the partners sang the “Oh, the red viburnum in the meadow” song, which became one of the symbols of the war against Russia.

In particular, the song for the music video was performed by Dmytro Sherembey, USAID Health Director Ben Zinner, U.S. Embassy Kyiv PEPFAR Coordinator Aaron Banks, Olena Pinchuk Foundation Director Olga Rudneva, PhD, CDC Ukraine Director Ezra J. Barzilai and others.

Singer Dmytro Shurov, who now also volunteers and shares the organization’s values, sang along with the activists.


Together to our common victory!

To join in providing Ukrainians with medicines, medical supplies and equipment, humanitarian aid, as well as fuel, bulletproof vests and helmets for ambulance crews and volunteers please click here.

For more detailed information, please contact

Natalia Krasnenko,, 067 465 54 26 (WhatsApp, Telegram)

Yulia Chechotkina,, (066) 95 95 567 (WhatsApp, Telegram)

 Reference on HIV/AIDS in Ukraine: 

    • Ukraine ranks one of the first countries in the European region in the number of HIV-positive people.
  • One in three HIV-positive people still either does not know their HIV status or stays out of medical care and therefore does not receive treatment (ARV therapy).
  • According to UNAIDS estimates, 260,000 people living with HIV live in Ukraine, 152,000 of whom are receiving ARV therapy.
    • The main route of HIV transmission is sexual, in particular, 71% heterosexual contact, and 3% homosexual contact.
  • Timely HIV diagnosis and initiation of treatment guarantees a long and full life.
  • HIV testing in Ukraine is free. You can get a quick HIV test at one’s family doctor’s office or at the nearest testing center.
  • 0 800 500 451 is the HIV/AIDS Hotline number. It operates around the clock, including weekends and holidays.
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