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Head of the Human Rights, Gender and Community Development Department

СО “100 PERCENT OF LIFE” announces a competition to fill a vacant position head of the department for human rights, gender and community development.


СО “100 PERCENT OF LIFE” is the largest patient organization and works in all regions of Ukraine without exception for HIV-positive people, as well as patients with tuberculosis, hepatitis and representatives of key risk groups.


The main duties of the candidate:

1. Operational management of the team of the Human Rights, Gender and Community Development Department of the Organization: planning, control, decision-making within the scope of authority in accordance with the strategic, operational plan of the Organization and work plans of projects with a focus on:

– strengthening the potential of the community network of HIV-positive people and strengthening the capacity of the community and developing the infrastructure of service provision: technical assistance to support the network of the community of HIV-positive people; internship of community leaders for adaptation of best practices in community organizations, implementation of best practices in advocacy and monitoring by community forces; leadership development and support for democratic principles of community functioning; training for leaders of the PLHIV community with the aim of increasing the ability to influence the improvement of access to services, social benefits for the community (changes at the level of local and national policies, management systems in the war and post-war period, new strategies for the health care system and resource provision of the functioning of the system health care; digitization of management processes);
– improvement of laws, regulations, normative acts, policies in the field of HIV, TB and reduction of legal barriers for communities: legislative work of leaders of key groups in cooperation with experts on legislation in the field of health care; informational work with the deputy corps regarding the formation of political will and commitment to the problem of combating HIV infection/AIDS, tuberculosis, protecting the rights of key groups (hereinafter – CG); training of leaders of key groups under the “school of power” program); establishment of international relations in the field of combating HIV infection/AIDS with parliamentarians of other countries, study of international experience and, if necessary, its implementation into the national legislation of Ukraine;
– development of organizational potential (system/crisis assistance and mentoring service for CG NGOs and HIV-service NGOs in the war and post-war period: assessment of the potential of CG organizations and other HIV-service NGOs; mentoring assistance to NGOs according to identified problems and gaps, including crisis management digitization of management processes in CG networks Development of community NGO development strategies;
–  support of the human rights system: a complex of paralegal assistance with professional legal assistance;
–  development and monitoring of the implementation of the organization’s gender equality policies.

2. Planning, organization and implementation of activities aimed at the development of communities and strengthening their participation in the development of civil society in Ukraine.

3. Development and maintenance of a network of contacts with partner international, foreign and local NGOs, international and local donor organizations, international, foreign and local research institutions and institutes, international organizations, state and local self-government bodies working in the field of public health , prevention, treatment and social support of the process of HIV, TB, hepatitis treatment, anti-discrimination, etc.

4. Organization of the grant management process: coordination of the department’s involvement in the development of project concepts aimed at the development of communities and applications for receiving financial support for the organization’s activities.

5. Conducting negotiations with foreign partners and donors within the scope of competence.

6. Representation of the interests of the organization at the national and regional levels.


Candidate requirements:


Education: higher education in the field of management, social work, project management.


Experience: at least 3 years of similar work experience.


• a strategic vision of the development of the non-governmental sector of Ukraine, in particular in the field of overcoming HIV;
• knowledge of social issues related to HIV/AIDS;
• application of legislation in the field of HIV/AIDS to protect the rights and freedoms of HIV-positive citizens;
• knowledge of the organization of the health care system at the national and regional levels;.
• knowledge of the regulations and procedures of activities of local authorities;
• knowledge of the basics of project management;
• understanding of international project implementation procedures;
• communication skills with international donor organizations and state institutions;
• negotiation skills at the national level, including with representatives of state structures;
• the ability to effectively plan one’s own working time and control the deadlines for completing work tasks.


Language knowledge: fluency in the Ukrainian language (oral/written). Fluency in English (oral/written) is an advantage.


General requirements for work at СO “100 PERCENT OF LIFE”
● Communication skills in a clear and effective manner.
● Work efficiency.
● Ability to work in a team.
● Support and development of partnerships with other organizations.
● Support and promotion of the Organization’s mission, goals and objectives.


Additional Information:
Employees of СO “100 PERCENT OF LIFE” have the right to:
● paid leave in accordance with current legislation;
● after passing the trial period – health insurance;
● additional benefits established in the Organization.


How to apply for participation in the competition:
Please send your resume and cover letter to until July 11, 2023.

In the motivational letter, please reflect the specific experience and skills described in the text of the advertisement.


Deadline for resume submission: July 11, 2023


Based on the results of the CV selection, successful candidates will be invited to participate in an interview.


Pay attention:
Due to the large number of applications, we will only contact candidates who are invited for an interview.
CO “100 PERCENT OF LIFE” reserves the right to re-post the vacancy announcement, as well as to cancel the competition to fill the vacancy.

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