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International Tender on procurement of ARV medicines

Назва тендера Категорія Інформація Дата початку Дата завершення Контактна особа Статус Переможець
International Tender on procurement of ARV medicines Медицина

All-Ukrainian Network of People living with HIV/AIDS hereby has announced the International Tender on procurement of ARV medicines.

Please carefully review the Announcement which includes:

  1. List of the products to purchase;
  2. Requirements to products to be purchased;
  3. Instructions and requirements for drawing up a tender bid.

Tender proposals (Bids) must be sent by postal/via courier or in person in a sealed envelope to the following address:  04080, 87 b, Mezhyhirska St., Kyiv, Ukraine, All-Ukrainian Network of PLWH, to attention of Dmytro Petrenko.

Deadline for submission of Tender proposals is January 25, 2018 by 13:00 (UTC+02:00). Any quotations received after the deadline will not be considered.

Any questions regarding this bidding should be submitted in writing by e-mail only. The e-mail address is as follows:

Please note that you can put your questions to Bidding organizer by e-mail not later than January 19, 2018.


Download tender documentation here  Announcement ARV GF 2018-2020


Within the international tender for the procurement of antiretroviral drugs (Announcement dd. 28.12.2017) the following clarifying questions has been received from one of the bidders:


  1. In the required documentation list, point no. 8, the official letter from manufacturer/distributor with information about the fact of import of proposed product in the territory of Ukraine during last 2 years from tender proposal date is to be submitted. May I know the rational for this request?
  2. Regarding the DAP prices, I am still not clear with your request.  

“The supplier should provide the cargo insurance which must cover all the period of product storage at airport Boryspil warehouse until its transmission to Network (or its authorized representative) after customs clearance”,

In case of DAP INCO term, the supplier’s responsibility ends once it reaches to the airport. We will deliver it till DAP Kyiv (to airport Boryspil).


Please find bellow the following answers on mentioned questions:


  1. Required official letter (point #8 of the Announcement) is necessary for the members of Procurement review committee and will be used as information about the fact whether proposed product has ever been imported to Ukraine during last 2 years. It’s just additional information about the product especially for those one which has never been imported by Network itself.
  2. The term DAP indicates which of the parties of the sales contract must carry out the actions necessary for transportation and insurance, where the seller transfers the goods to the buyer, and also what expenses each of the parties incurs. Terms of delivery DAP Incoterms do not specify the price for the goods and the method of payment, do not regulate the transfer of ownership of the goods and insurance terms or the consequences of breach of contract. The price, insurance terms and transfer of ownership should be determined in the terms of the sales contract.
28/12/2017 25/01/2018
Дмитро Петренко Завершений AbbVie Logistics B.V. for Lot #15
Aurobindo Pharma Limited for Lot #6
Hetero Labs Limited for Lots #2, #4 and #5
Sun Pharmaceutical Industries Limited for Lots #1 and #3