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The ACCESS project, funded by the United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), is being implemented by the Network of PLWH with the support of the Ukrainian Ministry of Health and with the active participation of local medical institutions, non-governmental and civil society organizations.

The 5-year project strategy was designed to overcome the HIV epidemic in Ukraine by expanding unhindered access of PLWH to medical care and improving the effectiveness of HIV services at the local, regional and national levels. The main priority of the project is the introduction of a health information system “HIV-infection in Ukraine” − HIV HIS, which contains data on PLWH, enabling further analysis and effective work of medical personnel throughout the territory of Ukraine. To ensure the efficient and professional work of doctors with the HIS, the project also provides the opportunity for medical staff working with PLWH to attain or improve PC proficiency and skills, as well as raises awareness on HIV treatment and opportunistic infections (OI) in the course of integrated training.

Project outcomes (2012-2015)

Project ACCESS. General information

ACCESS: Access of Communities to HIV Care and Treatment through Strengthening the Healthcare System.

Donor (100%): U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Budget: $ 3 400 000.

Period: 30.09.2012 – 29.09.2017.

The purpose of the project is to increase access to health care for HIV-positive people in Ukraine by increasing the effectiveness of the national health system at the local, regional and national levels. Currently the development and implementation of the health information system “HIV-infection in Ukraine” (HIV HIS) is the main task of the project. The successful implementation of HIV HIS is expected to allow planting this experience to other health care areas. The project also aims at optimizing ART monitoring for better follow-up of HIV infection treatment outcomes and improved care for PLWH.

Project goals

  1. To strengthen the ART monitoring system, to ensure timely treatment and proper management of patients.
  2. Ensure implementation of the national strategy for the prevention of HIV resistance to ART and expand access to testing for HIV resistance.
  3. Strengthen the capacity of healthcare facilities and administrations of clinics in the planning of medicines supply and treatment outcome management.
  4. Improve monitoring systems for OI treatment using international clinical guidelines for OI treatment.

Subrecipients (national and regional)



In the current period the project team efforts are focused on the development, piloting and implementation of the HIS. The procurement of equipment for the data processing center and HCFs is underway. Appropriate trainings on the routine HIS use are held for the local healthcare staff. IT developer company specialists ensure technical assistance visits and on-line mentoring support.

In order to ensure effective piloting and implementation of the HIV HIS, the Network of PLWH continues to work with the Ukrainian Center for the Socially Dangerous Diseases Control as the key coordinating institution for HIV/AIDS response in Ukraine. UCDC is liaising with the regional HCFs involved in the HIS implementation, as well as is responsible for developing new and amending the existing regulatory documents on HIV monitoring in Ukraine.