We, being the people living with HIV, join together like-minded activists to enable possibility for every human, affected by HIV / AIDS, to realize:
  • Right to life
  • Right to support
  •  Right to self-actualization

Enabling possibility means:

  • To develop and provide the necessary services
  • To strengthen capacity of service providers
  • To develop the models of successful cooperation between governmental and public sectors for sustainable solutions of social problems
  • To adjust the legislation in accordance with international standards in close cooperation with governmental and public sectors
  •  To change the attitude of the society to rights of people with special needs, first of all to PLWH, and to advocate the rights.

All-Ukrainian Network of PLWH has past its difficult way from a small group of activists to the most successful national organization of PLWH. The decision to choose the Network to be one of the Principal Recipients of the Global Fund Round 6 is the recognition of its achievements at international level. It marks a new important stage in its history.

How it started
Late 90's - HIV-positive people in Ukraine had no access to treatment, care and support. Medical institutions were rather like a prison than a hospital.

1999 - Several HIV-positive people met at a NGOs conference for the first time and established an initiative group. Several HIV-positive activists, who worked in different HIV-service organizations in Odesa, Poltava and Kyiv, joint together to protect their human right, to lobby access to treatment, and improve the quality of life of people living with HIV / AIDS in Ukraine.

November 2000 - Representatives of 15 regions had a first constituent assembly of the Network of PLWH.
May 5, 2001 - All-Ukrainian Network of PLWH was registered in the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine.

Onset of actions
July 2001 - Special Session of UN General Assembly on HIV / AIDS was held. Due to advocacy activities of the Network its members were included into the governmental delegation of Ukraine. This enabled us to establish contacts with the Ministry of Health and to start our cooperating. The Network started to participate actively in decision-making in the area of HIV / AIDS and to control the implementation of the decisions.

Ukraine decided to submit an application to the newly established Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria after it had attended the UN General Assembly. The organization actively participated in writing the Grant Proposal for the Global Fund Round 1. The Network stood for the necessity of money for the care and support component and has developed it on its own.

Ukraine received a grant of 92 million U.S. dollars to fight HIV / AIDS, most of the amount was for the purchase of drugs and treatment. The Ministry of Health was the Principal Recipient (PR). However, the Grant realization slowed down because of the inadequate performance. During the first meeting of the Global Fund mission, the Local Agent, and the PR representatives of the Network demanded to transfer the GF Grant to another PR, capable of implementing the project in Ukraine.

The initiative of the Network was supported by all international and national organizations and associations. ICF "International HIV / AIDS Alliance in Ukraine" (the strategic partner of the Network) was proposed to be the PR. The Network was constantly monitoring the procurements for the funds of the Global Fund and the state budget.

Key dates
2004 - During the meeting of the Coordination Council on HIV / AIDS of the Commonwealth of Independent States the issues of ARVs procurements in the region were discussed. During the meeting the Network attracted the attention of world public to the difference in price in the procurements for the budget funds and for the funds of the Global Fund. After this a meeting with representatives of the Clinton Foundation was held. They were ready to provide their support.

2005 - Memorandum between the Clinton Foundation and the Ukrainian Government was signed. The Network became a partner in its implementation.

2005 - Due to advocacy activities, the stakeholders' support and the established contacts with Ukrainian officials a meeting with the President of Ukraine was arranged. A plan of urgent activities to counteract the HIV / AIDS epidemic in Ukraine was developed during the meeting. The President ordered to cancel the unfair tenders of the Ministry of Health.

2006 - All-Ukrainian Network of PLWH was acknowledged as the best organization in the world in the area of combating HIV / AIDS-related stigma and discrimination. The organization received the International Red Ribbon award for its achievements at the XVI International HIV / AIDS Conference in Toronto. The jury selecting the winners was comprised of the Crown Princess of Norway Mette-Marit, actress Naomi Watts and ex-President of Ireland Mary Robinson. Founders of the International Red Ribbon Award are the UN Development Programme (UNDP), the UN Programme on HIV / AIDS (UNAIDS), governments of Canada, Norway, Austria, Finland and Ireland.

2007 - All Ukrainian Network of PLWH become one of two Principal Recipients of the UN Global Fund to fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria grant, being recognized worldwide.

December 4, 2007 - due to a series of advocacy activities of the Network and its partners, the meeting was held under the leadership of the President of Ukraine V. Yushchenko with the participation of the Chairman of the Coordination Council of the Network. The effective methods of counteraction to HIV / AIDS epidemic in Ukraine were discussed during the meeting.

December 12, 2007 - Decree (№ 1208/2007) of the President of Ukraine on urgent measures for counteraction to HIV / AIDS epidemic in Ukraine was issued.

March 17, 2008 - Decree of the President of Ukraine approving the charter and membership of the Coordination Council on problems of HIV / AIDS, tuberculosis and drug addiction was issued. Its main objective is to develop proposals on the activities of the executive authorities aimed at slowing down the spread of HIV and AIDS incidence. Volodymyr Zhovtyak became a member of this consultation and advisory body under the President of Ukraine.

Today the Network of PLWH is the largest and the most powerful organization representing the interests of HIV-positive Ukrainians. All-Ukrainian Network of PLWH has 40 offices in all regions of Ukraine, more than 500 members, and over 400 employees. It provides services to more than 40 000 clients.